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µPatterned electrode

Selective stimulation of small intradermal nociceptive fibers by electrical impulse


The μPatterned Electrodes, thanks to their interdigitated design together with  micrometric inter-rail gap, allow the delivery of a shallow but effective electrical stimulation limited to the epidermis, selectively  activating the Aδ fibres, while avoiding costimulation of the deeper Aß fibres[1][2].

By using the μPatterned Electrodes it is then possible to objectively assess the conduction along the nociceptive pathway by recording from the peripheral nerve or from the scalp overlying the sensory cortex (nociceptive Evoked Potentials, or NEPs) [3], [4].

Of course the recording of classical endogenous responses called Pain Related Evoked Potentials (PREPs) is still possible with the same electrodes.


[1] Micropatterned surface electrode for massive selective stimulation of intraepidermal nociceptive fibers [Link]

[2] The new micropatterned interdigitated electrode for selective assessment of the nociceptive system [Link]

[3] Encephalographic studies of central nociceptive activation just got a bit easier [Link]

[3] Early nociceptive evoked potentials (NEPs) recorded from the scalp [Link]


0039.310 AgAu μPatterned electrode 10x10 mm with twisted cable L=150 cm - 1,5 mm female TP
0039.311 AgAu μPatterned electrode 15x15 mm with twisted cable L=150 cm - 1,5 mm female TP