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µPatterned electrode

Selective stimulation of small intradermal nociceptive fibers by electrical impulse


The μPatterned Electrodes, thanks to the combine constructive characteristic, with micrometric inter-electrode distance, allow the delivery of modulating electrical stimulation with a very small extension of the electric field, selectively eliciting a large number of intradermal nociceptive surface fibers (Aδ and C fibers), while at the deeper layers of skin arrive gradients not sufficient to reach the threshold of activation of the Aß fibers[1][2].

This signal can be registered from the scalp using normal subdermal electrodes just like a Pain Related Evoked Potential (PREP).


[1] Micropatterned surface electrode for massive selective stimulation of intraepidermal nociceptive fibers [Link]

[2] The new micropatterned interdigitated electrode for selective assessment of the nociceptive system [Link]


0039.310AgAu μPatterned electrode 10x10 mm with twisted cable L=150 cm - 1,5 mm female TP
0039.311AgAu μPatterned electrode 15x15 mm with twisted cable L=150 cm - 1,5 mm female TP