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Something good from a bad moment

We are all dealing with a really complicated moment, that's certainly true. The health situation has required special efforts by all of us and especially by those involved in the medical sector.

We, as BIONEN, have focused on developing devices that are best suited for use in situations of potential viral infection. Due to the increasing necessity to perform EEG examinations both in emergency and ICU or simply in suspicious infectious situations,

BIONEN has developed a new line of disposable EEG headcaps. These new headcaps allow a reliable EEG examination to be carried out, with fast mounting on the patient without having to disinfect the device, avoiding cases of cross-contamination between patients and operators. All this is achieved through the use of materials that guarantee high elasticity but also high patient comfort. The ability to put these headcaps on in a few minutes with high precision in the positioning of the electrodes combined with the precious feature of the single-use makes this device perfect and advisable in all medical departments, not only in emergency areas. 

For all technical information please refer to the product page.